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From the streets of Cyprus as a 10 year-old entrepreneur to overcoming huge setbacks and rebuilding his property portfolio. How Chris overcame obstacles, launched and grew his companies and strives to help others find financial freedom.


Chris started his entrepreneurial journey at just 10 years of age on the streets of Cyprus when his newsagent uncle provided his first job; selling lottery tickets on the streets. Each day he had a large consignment of tickets to sell, with the last two tickets being his wages or ‘profit’. Chris never missed a day of hitting his sales target, setting up a life-long pattern of hard work and achieving every goal. Fast forward to his tertiary studies in finance, where this pattern saw Chris working three additional jobs to pay his way through college.

At just 19 after getting his start in the property industry, Chris’s superior sales skills were earning him more than $350,000 a year. He had already accumulated eight investment properties (the first purchased at just 19 years old) and was flying high.  After forming a strategic business partnership in Queensland, Chris was focused on building and expanding the pair’s newly-established property business. Now married with a son, like many people Chris was busy juggling family, travel and work commitments. Without warning, the business partnership collapsed leaving Chris responsible for a $780,000 shortfall and a long list of client financial obligations.  To repay debts, he had to sell every one of his assets, move back to his mother’s home, setting up his desk in a small home office.  He worked tirelessly to keep his commitment to every client, pay all his staff and ensure no-one else lost any money.

With his reputation on the line, it took Chris almost three years to clear the debts but he achieved his goal.

Helping others realise their financial freedom

Chris started wealth creation and financial education company Reventon in 2005 after this experience. He wanted to have full control to do things his own way and embed his strong ethical principles into the way his company operated. Chris sees it as his personal mission and responsibility to help as many people as possible. He describes himself as passionate and hyper-focused on his clients’ and his team’s financial success.

Reventon has grown substantially each year, as more clients have been assisted to build wealth through better financial management and creating profitable property investment portfolios. Now with a team over 50-strong and thousands of clients around Australia, Reventon is proud that 220% of the company’s business is generated from client referrals.

On a personal level, Chris is married to Billie, and has four children aged 15, 5, 3 and 1. Chris also has a passion for snooker, a game he discovered as a teenager and quickly achieved considerable success in. Today Reventon is the biggest sponsor of snooker in Australia, owns the Reventon Snooker Academy in Melbourne’s west, runs the biggest snooker events in the country and sponsors many professional players.

“I want to be remembered by how I made a difference, and how many people I’ve been able to help secure their futures” – Chris Christofi

Personal challenges

From a position of owning eight properties and with a substantial income, to zero properties, no car and a large debt; Chris has spectacularly re-built his both his company and personal success and established a significant property portfolio. Chris is also dyslexic, finding reading and writing challenging during his school years.

He was however extremely gifted with numbers, and came top of his school for maths. His numerical abilities served him well when it came to quickly mastering the financial aspects of loans, investment and property feasibility.


Expansion of public speaking engagements and his many philanthropic endeavours. Continued expansion of property development interests. Establishment of more Reventon offices around Australia, currently numbering four.

Personal Philosophy

“Always live within your means, except when it comes to education, where you can never over-invest.”

“Accept nothing but the outcome you truly want in life.”

“Don’t do your best, do what ever it takes.”


Chris holds an Australian Credit License and is one of the company’s Principal Licensees, with the ability to operate a full real estate office.


Chris is a dedicated philanthropist and supports many charities financially and through his involvement in a number of charitable activities.

Vinnies CEO Sleepout

Helping those experiencing homelessness is a cause very close to Chris’ heart, and one he and his wife Billie have personally supported for many years.

Chris started Reventon in 2005 to help everyday Australians achieve their dream of owning a property, but was shocked to learn how many people don’t have a permanent place to call home.

He took part in his first Vinnies CEO Sleepout in the winter of 2018 and exceeded his $40,000 target and raised $40,185, becoming the third highest fundraiser in Melbourne and ranking in the top 1% of fundraisers of of 1,463 CEOs taking part.

By sleeping out on one of the coldest, longest days of the year, Chris got a small glimpse into what it’s like for the thousands of people experiencing homelessness in Australia.

‘It was a humbling experience to take part in this important annual event and meet with other CEOs equally committed to making a different. It’s essential that we never succumb to the error of believing that homelessness is just an outcome, or something that’s deserved,’ says Chris. ‘It’s important to be compassionate and show empathy because we’re all human beings at the end of the day.’

Chris has committed to the CEO Sleepout for the second year running and has raised the bar for 2019, aiming to raise $60,000 for the charity. Reventon is also committed to giving 50 cents for every dollar donated to the cause.
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Other charity work

Chris understands how important it is to give something back to his local and global communities, so shows his support to a range of charities, including:

The White Ribbon Foundation

Working to prevent men’s violence against women and advocating for women’s safety. Through his passion for snooker, Chris has aligned the snooker community with White Ribbon in a fundraising partnership. At any charity snooker game, all money raised is matched dollar-for-dollar by Reventon.


Working to eradicate the disadvantages that hearing impaired persons endure in Australia. Chris’ son Alec suffered from bacterial meningitis at just one year old, and as a result, has a hearing impairment. Chris encourages all of his clients and associates to support Vicdeaf and the Deafness Foundation.

Hot Rods for the Homeless

A community-run motoring event where all proceeds go to charity. Through Reventon Brisbane, Chris supports Hot Rods for the Homeless, helping to provide free meals, social connections and advocacy services for people experiencing homelessness in North Brisbane.

Largest Snooker Sponsor in Australia

Chris has an ensuring passion for snooker, a game he discovered as a teenager where he quickly achieved considerable success.

Over the years Chris has established himself as a valued figure of the Australian snooker community. In 2017, he realised one of his personal dreams and opened The Reventon Snooker room – a place for new and established snooker talent to come together and compete.

Today, Chris promotes and manages some of the biggest snooker events in the country, including the Reventon Snooker Masters, which attracts Australia’s elite snooker talent. Supporting a number of professional players, Chris and his company are one of the top sponsors of snooker in Australia.

A passion found from a young age


  • "Chris attended the Vinnies CEO Sleepout 2018 and was one of our highest fundraisers. In his first year he raised an incredible $40,185 to help those living in poverty in Victoria.  We’re really grateful for Chris’ generosity towards our organisation as well as his passion and enthusiasm for helping those less fortunate than himself.   Through his fundraising, he’s made a huge difference to helping those living in poverty and disadvantage."

    Lucy Menting
    Lucy Menting General Manager Marketing and Fundraising | St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria Inc.
  • “I’ve known Chris for over 22 years. Chris always brings a great presence to any room he enters, wherever that may be. When he talks, people listen and they are often inspired by the experience.  I’ve met many great people and world class sportsman in my time. I’ve still never met anyone as hard working as Chris. His dedication can only be rivalled by the very best.”

    Neil Robertson
    Neil Robertson World Snooker Champion 2010, World Number One ranking in 2010, 2013, 2014
  • “I have the pleasure of being Chris’ business advisor and strategist.  Rarely do I come across a person with so much tenacity, enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and improve one’s self and business as I experience with Chris.   Chris’ relentless drive has allowed him to reach the pinnacle of his profession. I have witnessed first-hand Chris’ leadership as CEO of Reventon and that his top priority is always 'client first'.   I would entrust my portfolio under the guidance of Chris and his organisation.”

    Kevin E France
    Kevin E France Founder – Managing Partner, Momentum Consulting Group, Inc.